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Data Security

We take data security extremely seriously at Wiredash. Our commitment includes:

  • Secure Hosting: We leverage the robust Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for hosting our applications and static resources. GCP is trusted by global leaders like eBay, PayPal, Snap, and Twitter for its exceptional security.
  • EU-Based Data Centers: To provide added protection for your data, we host all our databases within EU data centers.
  • Restricted Access: Only authorized Wiredash engineers, using key-based SSH login, can access critical systems. We meticulously maintain software updates for optimal security.
  • Encrypted Data Storage: We utilize encrypted MongoDB on GCP to safeguard your data. Continuous backups ensure the preservation of your valuable information.
  • Experienced Team: Our engineers possess extensive expertise working on highly reliable, scalable, and secure systems at renowned tech companies like Trivago, Vodafone and Google.
  • Limited Data Access: Our team will only access your private data when strictly necessary to troubleshoot issues. Your privacy is paramount.


Wiredash leverages the robust Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to host our applications and resources. GCP is a trusted provider for industry giants like eBay, PayPal, Snap, and Vodafone, offering exceptional reliability and security.

Access to our hosting environment is strictly limited to Wiredash engineers using key-based SSH logins. We prioritize security with diligent system software updates to ensure the protection of your data.

To learn more, read about trust & security in the GCP or check out our article on GDPR and read our privacy policy.

Data Storage

Wiredash protects your data with an encrypted MongoDB database running on the Google Cloud Platform. We further enhance security by utilizing Virtual Private Networks (VPCs) to shield your data from unauthorized internet access. Your valuable information is additionally safeguarded through continuous backups.

Access to your data is strictly controlled, limited to the same trusted Wiredash engineers who manage our hosting infrastructure. We respect your privacy and will only access your data when essential for troubleshooting.

To learn more, read about trust & security in the GCP, check out our article on GDPR and read our privacy policy.

Contact Us

We understand the importance of security and privacy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our practices, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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