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Choosing the right tier

Wiredash puts you in the driver's seat! Our flexible plans mean you only pay for what you need. Want to adjust your plan as your app grows? No problem! Find the right tier for your success – here's the simple guide.

What is a monthly active device?

A 'monthly active device' (MAD) is a single smartphone, tablet, or computer that someone uses to interact with your app within a month. It's a way to measure how many different devices are accessing your app. This is important because a single user might have multiple devices – for example, they check your app on their phone during their commute and on their laptop at home. In this case, even though it's the same person, they would count as two monthly active devices.

What happens if I go over the limit?

We understand that app growth can be unpredictable! That's why we won't penalize you for occasional spikes in users. You won't see any extra charges on your card, and your project won't be unexpectedly deactivated.

If your app's popularity keeps growing consistently and you exceed your plan's limit for two months in a row, we'll reach out to discuss upgrading your plan. This ensures you keep getting the valuable insights you need. Any upgrade cost will be prorated – you'll only pay the difference for the increased tier based on your current billing cycle.

To ensure your project remain accessible in the Wiredash Console, you'll need to choose a plan that supports your app's growth. You can either upgrade comfortably through the Console or cancel your account. If you don't upgrade within a week after we reached out, your project will be temporarily paused as a safeguard. Don't worry, all data will instantly be available again once you get on the right plan.

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