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Analytics FAQs

What data is collected?

Wiredash Analytics prioritizes user privacy and does not collect personally identifiable information. Here's the basic data we gather:

  • App Information: Application ID/bundle ID, app version, commit hash.
  • Platform Information: Operating system, OS version, locale.
  • Wiredash SDK Version
  • Analytics ID: A unique, truly random identifier for each device which is generated on first app launch (which is never linked to any submitted feedback or any other user data to ensure privacy).

Our open-source SDK ([]) offers full transparency, demonstrating our commitment to privacy.

What's the difference between unique devices and unique users?

Wiredash Analytics emphasizes privacy by focusing on unique devices rather than individual users. We cannot track users across multiple devices due to the absence of collected personal data.

For most applications, the difference between unique users and unique devices is minimal. The most valuable insights come from trends, and these trends remain consistent whether tracking devices or users. This approach also supports apps without login requirements and the diverse device usage scenarios present in IoT.

How real-time is the analytics data?

Wiredash Analytics delivers near real-time insights. Expect new data to appear in the Wiredash Console within about a minute.

Is there a free tier for Wiredash Analytics?

Absolutely! Wiredash Analytics offers a comprehensive free tier covering up to 100,000 unique devices per month – analyze massive amounts of data at no cost! Our free indie plan provides a powerful 7-day window into your app's real-time performance, giving you actionable insights to guide decision-making.

Balancing free service with operational costs is essential for independent companies like ours. We focus on providing high-value, real-time analytics within the indie plan. If you need longer data retention periods, explore our affordable paid plans.

Why is there no session length?

"Session length" gets tricky, especially comparing websites to apps. Longer sessions might mean users are hooked, or it might mean something on your end is running slow.

We figured tracking session length would be misleading for most apps, so we focus on other, more reliable metrics.

Does Wiredash impact app performance?

Nope! Wiredash is designed to be super lightweight. It won't do anything to slow down your app when it launches or while it's running. In fact, Wiredash waits a few seconds after your app starts up before sending its first check-in to our servers.

Can I track custom events or pages?

Not yet, but it's on the roadmap! We're working on making custom event and automatic route / page tracking possible after our initial release.

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