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Upgrading to a paid subscription

Thank you for considering upgrading your Wiredash project plan! Your support directly helps our small indie dev team continue to improve and maintain the toolkit. By upgrading, you're not only unlocking more powerful features for your project but also making a valuable contribution to Wiredash's future.

To explore upgrade options, navigate to your project's settings and locate the 'Billing' section. Click the 'Upgrade plan' button to compare the features included in our different plans.

Upgrade button

Choosing your subscription tier

Our subscription tiers are based on the total number of unique devices that actively use your Wiredash-connected apps within a month. This count applies across all apps linked to a single Wiredash project (sharing the same project ID), regardless of the platforms you publish on. You can check your current monthly active device count in the billing section of your project's settings within the Wiredash Console.

Select a subscription tier that aligns with your expected monthly active devices. Choose between monthly or yearly billing, and take advantage of two free months when you opt for an annual subscription. Please note that you can switch between monthly and yearly plans at any time. If you change plans, we'll prorate your existing payment and apply the credit to your account.

Billing plans

We use Paddle to securely process your payments. To ensure correct VAT calculations, please fill in your billing email and location. Click continue and choose your payment method. You can pay by credit card or via PayPal.


VAT registered? Click 'Add VAT number' on the form's left side to enter your business details and VAT number. EU-based companies will have VAT reverse charged and won't need to pay it upfront.

Billing plans

After clicking 'Subscribe now' the upgrade is complete! You're all set to enjoy the benefits of your new plan. Check out your updated usage limits on the billing page within the Console.

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