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Promoter Score

The promoter score is a metric used to determine long-term customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction with your brand and customer experience. It is measured using a single-question survey, prompting users to rate the likelihood of recommending the product or service at hand to their network.

Promoter Score

Learn how to time when the survey is shown in the SDK Promoter Score reference.

Promoter Score Dashboard

Once you have collected some promoter scores, you can view them in the Wiredash console. Give it time, the scores take about 2-3 months to become meaningful.

Promoter Score

Keep in mind, that the promoter score is a metric that should be measured continuously. It's not a one-time thing.

A high promoter score is great, but it depends on the context of your app and your users. A score of -10 might be fantastic in one industry and terrible in another.

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